Maths Incubator - Grade 10 - (Download Version)

Maths Incubator - Grade 10 - (Download Version)

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1. CAPS-aligned covers the entire curriculum for the grade.

2. South African developed and aimed at contributing to finding solutions to the Maths crisis.

3. You can download the entire program and use it on your computer or laptop.

4. Enables learners to work completely on their own, 24/7. The program is interactive with exercises, video lessons, and "Fun explorations".

5. Gives learners control over their learning process and gives them lots of confidence which will result in higher marks in Maths.

6. Use the program for exam preparations, revision or work ahead of the teacher. It can be used in the next grade to revise forgotten concepts.

7. The program focuses on the fundamental concepts in Maths and makes sense of why things work in a certain way.

8. Shows how the different topics in the Maths curriculum are connected to real-life situations and highlight the connections and relationships between different parts of Mathematics in order to create a much deeper understanding of the subject.